Participating Artists

REACH Fest is an invitational exhibition of non-traditional artists, performers, and sound artists from a spectrum of locations including the Pioneer Valley, Boston, NYC and beyond. Exhibitions will begin in April 2013 in nine venues located in Easthampton and Holyoke MA. All are invited to participate in the REACH One-Minute Vidfest that will be on view during REACH Fest.

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Damali Abrams – Eastworks
Marilyn Arsem – Wistariahurst
Carolyn Clayton –  Eastworks
Rosalyn Driscoll –  Wistariahurst
Kimberly Faler – Wistariahurst
John Feodorov – Eastworks
Barry Freedland – ECA+ Gallery & MGHPCC
Julia Handschuh – Eastworks
Derek Hoffend – Eastworks
Jeff Huckleberry – Eastworks
Jessica Higgins – Holyoke City Hall
Amy Johnquest – Eastworks
Sara June – Wistariahurst
Erika Knerr – Holyoke City Hall Annex
Denis Luzuriaga – Nash Gallery
Seth Lepore – Eastworks
Max Lord – Wistariahurst
Burns Maxey – Wistariahurst
Patricia McInroy – MGHPCC
Matt Medeiros – Wistariahurst
Chris Nelson – Wistariahurst
Maggie Nowinski – Holyoke City Hall Annex
Alicia Renadette – Wistariahurst
Gil Scullion – Eastworks
David Shapleigh – Apollo Grill
Victor Signore – Wistariahurst
Dave Sinaguglia – Eastworks
Nyugen E. Smith – Wistariahurst
Derek Stroup – City Hall Annex
Melissa St. Pierre – Closing at the Apollo
Peter Waite – Wistariahurst
Alisia Waller – Eastworks
Matt Waugh – Wistariahurst
Matt Weston – City Hall Annex
Angela Zammarelli – Steiger’s Building